Poetry Suicide
Suicide is a crime.
Whether for old or prime.
Life is a gift from God.
Ending it by yourself is a fraud.
Life is about up and down
Some colours are green while some are brown.
Materialism is not only aim.
A sane person doesn’t run behind fame.
A person’s suicide is destruction for whole society.
Never do it for satiety.
Never burn the whole house for one thing.
If you want to fight, why to fight in a ring.
Share your pain and don’t hide it.
At the end, you are to hit.
Don’t cry over past.
Time moves fast.
Try to be contented with your life.
The only aim is not to have a wife.
Try to live yourself.
Everyone is acting like an elf.
Never commit suicide.
Never take yourself for a ride.
Have a will of living.
Have a habit of singing.
Never commit suicide,
But wait for your side.

By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad
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    Syed Mustafa
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