Knowing life is aim of life:
Inner world as well as outer world has to be conquered.
What is life?
Who creates life?
Why life is created?
Is there one life or more than one life?
Who controls us?
Why are we controlled?
Who are we?
Are we what we look?
What is living?
What is dying?
Why are celestial bodies?
Who controls them?
How an atom has consciousness!
Why is there complex system?
Who is God?
What He wants from us?
What is happiness?
What is sadness?
Why do we like happiness?
Why do we sadness?
Why a man dies?
Who takes his soul?
What is materialism?
Why do we love materialism?
What is the “ theory of everything “?
What is in reality?
What is real and what is unreal?
I think this is life.
Mystery is life.

By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad 

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    Syed Mustafa
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